Collaboration in the Field

Interview A Professional

Description: This paper consists of a summary of an interview conducted with a lead learning designer at a large learning business and my important takeaways as a result of the interview.

Rationale: This artifact evidences I have mastered collaboration in the field through conducting an interview of a current IDT professional. To accomplish this, the interviewee and I worked together to schedule a zoom meeting with consideration to our work responsibilities and different time zones. During the hour-long interview, I asked questions to gain a greater understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of an IDT professional and what it looks like to work with businesses in the field. Additionally, I was also able to answer his questions, and we discussed how entering the IDT field looks different between England and the United States. 

AECT Standards:

  • Standard 2- Content Pedagogy

  • Standard 4- Professional Knowledge and Skills

WordPress Usability Test

Description: The paper focuses on the usability of a web-authoring tool. My partner and I created a series of tasks for testers to complete within a 30-minute time limit using WordPress, and the paper documents the results and our conclusions from the test. 


Rationale: This project required collaboration with a partner to develop the tasks of the usability test but also involved working with testers to complete the test. To determine what tasks our users should perform, my partner and I went through what actions were essential for utilizing a web-authoring tool (i.e. navigate to WordPress, choose a template, etc.). By creating a uniform task list, we were able to each conduct an interview and calculate our results by looking at the time it took to complete the task along with the number of clicks. Afterward, we used these results to collaborate on our conclusions about the web-authoring tool’s usability.


AECT Standards:

  • Standard 1- Content Knowledge

  • Standard 4- Professional Knowledge and Skills


Collaboration Acknowledgement: This usability test was created and documented in collaboration with Amber Sewell.

Updated 02/12/2019 

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