Authorship of Multimedia for Learning

Just One App Design Prototype

Description: This prototype was created as part of a design plan to educate teachers and faculty about how to use the Apple Reminders application.


Rationale: This artifact evidences that I have mastered authorship of multimedia for learning because I collaboratively created interactive learning activities, instructional videos, and an articulate scenario to develop a prototype of an asynchronous course. This process involved learning new software, creating, and editing to produce an effective product.


AECT Standards:

  • Standard 3- Learning Environments

  • Standard 4- Professional Knowledge and Skills

  • Standard 5- Research



Collaboration Acknowledgement: The design plan and prototype were created in collaboration with Jason Siburt.


Apple Web Critique

Description: This artifact is a critique of the functions and features of the Apple website interface.


Rationale: This design critique shows my proficiency in multimedia for learning because I assessed specific functions and features of the interface and suggested improvements to the technology infrastructure to facilitate usability for a more diverse audience. 


AECT Standards:

  • Standard 3

  • Standard 5



Updated 02/12/2019 

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